AltaMira Press Strife In the Sanctuary

For more than forty years there was a single synagogue in quiet town of Williamette, Oregon. But then disagreements over gender roles, homosexuality, Israeli politics, and other issues tore in two. Where once one Jewish


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AltaMira Press Daughters of the Goddess

A collection of original essays examining the Goddess Movement in its many facets, Daughters of explores ways women have abandoned Western patriarchal religions embraced a spirituality based in a celebration of


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AltaMira Press Research Design and Methods for Studying Cultures

This is a practical guidebook for conducting field research on cultural issues. The first third of the describes how one constructs a design. rest of different methods that author used during own NSF sp


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AltaMira Press Jewish Responses to Persecution

Jewish Responses to Persecution, 1933 1946 offers a new perspective on Holocaust history by presenting documentation that describes the manifestations and meanings of Nazi Germany's "Final Solution" from perspective.


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AltaMira Press Handbook of Participatory Video

Participatory video is a growing area of research and an increasingly popular tool among practitioners, researchers, NGOs working with communities around the world. The Handbook of Video advances field, engaging crit


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AltaMira Press Religion and the New Immigrants

New immigrants those arriving since the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 have forever altered American culture and been profoundly in turn. Although religious congregations they are often a nexus of their negotiation between th


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AltaMira Press Gaining Access

Gaining access is a critical part of doing research, not only because one must 'get in' in order to gain information, but also the quality of affects what is available to researcher. Despite its importance, liter


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AltaMira Press Appetites and Aspirations in Vietnam

In Vietnam during the long nineteenth century from Tây Son rebellion to 1920s, individuals negotiated changing interpretations of their culinary choices by families, neighbors, and governments. What people reflected not just who


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AltaMira Press Dancing for Health

Throughout history and in contemporary times, people worldwide have danced to cope with the stresses of life. But how has helped resist, reduce, escape stress? What is it about that makes it a healing art? insights can


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AltaMira Press Worlds of Gender

In Worlds of Gender ten prominent scholars consider the research on gender and archaeology that has been conducted around world. The authors discuss archaeological evidence for distinctions from Africa, East Asia, South Austra


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